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The start in Hong Kong

Yes, we have started! The first motor arrived!

But the motor needs power, and that has arrived as well!

It's not a standardized product, it's designes especcially for this motor in order to quaranrty an optimal performance but also safety. That is technical thing, but most important to remember, the battery is not overpowered, and the other way around, the motor can not harm the battery when the capacity is getting lower. But I had more requirements when I was developing the set.

The battery had to be waterproof, safe, easy to carry and durable. All requirements are met. It has an IP67 rating for waterproof, this means you can drop it in the water (1 meter) and leave it there for an hour. The BMS keeps the battery safe. The charging ampere is low, this means charging takes more time but it's better for the battery. The battery is easy to carry, it weighs 9 kilo's and is packed in a case. You can put the case in the backpack for extra comfort and safety. And its durable, the case is very tough, you can even drive over it with a car!

Also the motor is specially selected for his task. It is waterproof, and most important, the speed control is variable. This means that you can ask every percentage of power. This is not possible with the fixed speed control you see on most motors. In the end this means, more range.

Because maybe the most important requirement was range. You have t be sure you can use it for a couple of hours without getting out of power. And also this requirement is met, but be careful, it always depends on type of boat and the way you use the motor.

Maximum power: 2,33 uur 50 % of power: 4,6 uur 25 % of power: 9,3 uur 15 % of power : 15 uur  

First test learn that you use between 30 % and 50 % of power when cruising. That means you can cruise for more than 6 hours!

To good to be true? Keep an eye on the blog, testing starts soon!

Best Wim Jan

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