Range to go where you want to go. When you use the motor on 15% of it's power, using it for 17 hours possible. The pack includes an electric motor with 2 HP, a lithium battery of 122 Ah, a charger (220v) and a backpack. During the development of the battery, we had 4 requirements:


  • Easy to use, just connect and go
  • Long range, up to 17 hours of pleasure (depending on boat and use)
  • Price comparable to new petro engine
  • Safety, customized BMS system, battery cells from well know manufacterers


Other characteristics


  • IP67 waterproof, drop it in the water, 30 minutes later it's still ok
  • Rugged plastic case to carry it safely
  • Battery of a bit more than 9 kilos, easy to carry
  • Charger is included in price


Theoretical range, depending on usage and boat:


Maximum power: 2,8 hours

On 50 % of power: 5 hours

On 25 % of power: 10 hours

On 15 % of power: 17 hours  

Intro Pack 2 HP + lithium battery 122 Ah

Productcode: 001
  • volgt

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